Check out the new music video for my original song, ‘To America.’ This video features clips submitted by fanwiches (Danielle Ate the Sandwich fans) from all across the country. It was directed and edited by Bethany Calahan, a member of OnSpec, part of the Rocky Mountain Student Media Company.

I originally wrote this song to show gratitude for the amazing places I’ve been and the people I’ve met while touring the United States. Today, this song means something more. I want it to remind us that this country has stood for liberty and justice for all people, and should remain a diverse place where people can come to start and live a better life.

“I am your daughter, if you’ll have me and just like my mother I put two feet down. I am your daughter, if you’ll take me and just like my father, I’m figuring it all out.”


Some screen shots of the amazing footage submitted by fanwiches, featured in the new ‘To America’ video: