Lava U Limited Edition “Love & Faith” Series Ukulele


I got the opportunity to try out the limited edition, LOVE & FAITH series ukulele from LAVA MUSIC. This ukulele comes in two colors, sparkle sakura and ocean blue. The limited edition package includes a leather/microfiber gig bag, strap (for the bag), and a USB-C chord that charges the ukulele’s pre-amp

The body of the ukulele is smooth to the touch and has an AirSonic body, in line with the other instruments in the LAVA brand, which means it’s made of carbon fibre composite, and can be played and used in different temperatures, altitudes, and humidity levels. The peg tuners feature an invisible screw design, gold details, and a strap peg. This is a tenor sized body with 18 frets, and came strung with lava crystal strings. At the bottom of the body, is the lava logo and love and faith signature from Lyric Lan in gold. The pre-amp is charged by USB-C, offers basic amplification, with the option for chorus and delay effects.

The limited edition LOVE & FAITH Series Ukuleles  are limited to 1999. The limited edition comes with jewelry, a plectrum and keychain, cleaning cloth and diagram with simple instructions for what the buttons on the ukulele’s pre-amp are for.

I love the look of this adorable ukulele and the sleek gig bag, but am very pleased by the warm tone and percussive quality I can get when I play it. It’s easy to tune, and stays in tune well. The action is comfortable and easy to play and the amplification sounds great in my recording software and through an amp. Find more ukuleles and information HERE.

See my unboxing video and review of the LAVA U Love & Faith Series Ukulele:

Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles cover) performed on the LAVA U: