I’m performing three shows this weekend in Colorado, with talented songwriters Peter Mulvey and John Statz, as part of Peter Mulvey’s Lamplighter Sessions!

Peter Mulvey - Danielle Ate The Sandwich

October 1st | Denver, CO | The Walnut Room
8pm | $15 | 21+

October 2nd | Colorado Springs, CO | Friends House Concert
7:30pm | $30 | All Ages

October 3rd | Boulder, CO | House Concert
Living Room Live Concert Series
7:00 | $25 | all ages

Singer/songwriter, Peter Mulvey, created the Lamplighter Sessions from a desire to bring informal musical sessions with his favorite musicians to the stage. He writes:

“I have been transported by music suspiciously often in this life, and from the beginning, I sensed a pattern: most of these moments were impromptu, they happened offstage, and they involved people communicating something sublime in this elusive yet utterly reliable language we all share. The music-ness of moments is at its best when two or more players don’t quite know where it’s all going, and yet have enough of a common idea of the map at hand that they’re all going together.

The Lamplighter Sessions is my dogged attempt to set up, year after year, lightning rods in a field, to coax these offstage moments into being onstage. It’s my favorite thing I do all year, and this is coming from a guy who tours Ireland and Alaska, who plays concerts in a cave underneath West Virginia, and who tours by bike in the autumn. The Lamplighter sessions is a chance for me to give back, to all the great musicians I’ve met, and all the great audiences I’ve been lucky enough to assemble.”