Honoring the Dead – New DATS song

“Honoring the Dead” is a new, original song! I have been working on brand new songs and gave myself the goal to share one publicly. I started writing “Honoring the Dead” in 2018, after the death of my grandma. While we were cleaning out her apartment at the retirement community, my Cousin Donna said something about how quick it all goes to pack up their things, and my Uncle Mick said something along the lines of “divvying up the objects of the dead.” My grandma and I were very close and I found comfort in the tradition and familiarity of her Midwestern Missouri Synod Lutheran funeral, the same traditions present in the funerals of family members I attended with her. I feel grateful to have had the experience of her funeral and feel for those who have lost loved ones in a time when we can’t gather safely to grieve. My patrons receive access to all of my 2021 song demos and the honesty of my process. You can find more, here: PATREON