Holiday Deals in the DATS Store!

If you need some gift ideas this holiday season, check out items in the Danielle Ate the Sandwich store! I always have shirts, songbooks, stickers, buttons and albums, but am offering some extra items this year! GO TO STORE PAGE

Big Daddy DATS Gift Pack – $100 (free shipping, only 5 packs available), includes Purple DATS Sandwich T-shirt, a copy of DATS’ Very First Spectacular Songbook, 6 physical albums, 1 air freshener, 2 stickers, 2 buttons, and a postcard with a personalized note from DATS. Plus, a cute little ukulele ornament made by Danielle CLICK HERE TO SHOP!

Every purchase over $5 comes with a free felt ukulele or sandwich ornament. Specify your preference during checkout! FIND THEM HERE!

You can save 22% on every order over $5 with the code FANWICH22!

Download my entire catalogue of digital music on Bandcamp! CHECK IT OUT HERE

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