I was recently a guest on a very fun audio mystery podcast! Audio Obscura is hosted by David Martinez and Michael Quinton Foster. Guests solve an audio mystery by hearing out of text sound clues.


Musician, improviser, and friend Danielle Anderson joins us for this week’s mystery! Foster and David re-evaluate the advertising verbiage for Audio Obscura while dogs and toilets create a cacophony. Foster flashes his money in our faces and asks to see what our tongues are doing. Danielle invents her meditation/business seminar: Namaste: You-Get-Paid and teaches us that women with short hair are more likely to get dog treats. Nursing homes begin competitive hoop-and-stick. Hungry-hungry-hippos becomes the newest rage game. Foster and Danielle went out there to play the game, they worked hard, did their best, and tried to win. Enjoy. #OccasionallyBamboo


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