New to Danielle Ate the Sandwich? Here are some FAQS!

Hello, my name is Danielle Anderson. I play and write music as Danielle Ate the Sandwich. If you’re new to my website and music, read on for some interesting facts about Danielle Ate the Sandwich (DATS) and learn how to find more music and information.

WHERE CAN I HEAR MORE MUSIC? My music is available to stream and download on all major platforms. I recommend starting with “The Terrible Dinner Guest,” a fully produced and studio recorded album with fun and poppy folk songs. I also like my live album, “Danielle Ate the Sandwich Live in San Francisco” recorded at a house show with a live audience laughing and singing along!

If you like to watch videos online, I have a YouTube channel with over 200 music videos and performances.



WHERE’D YOU GET THE NAME? I came up with the name after signing up for open mic nights in college as “Danielle.” I wanted something a little more special and memorable and was creating a MySpace page and needed a name before I got my permanent URL. I think food is fun, colorful and delicious, and thought a sandwich comes in many different shapes, colors, styles and kinds. What do you do to a sandwich? Hopefully you eat it. I wanted something memorable and that didn’t take itself too seriously.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I currently live in Kansas City, Missouri. I was born and raised in Nebraska. My family moved to Colorado when I was in high school. I went to college and got my start in music while living in Fort Collins, Colorado. This musical community was a major part of my success discovering a life and career in music.

HOW CAN I SUPPORT YOU? If you think you’re a fanwich (a fan of Danielle Ate the Sandwich) you can become a patron on Patreon. This site collects donations from fans of artists and musicians to payout a monthly income in order for artists to make a sustainable career. The largest and most important part of my monthly income comes from my fan-supported Patreon.

Paying for and downloading a one track or an entire album (as opposed to just streaming music) gives the best monetary support to artists. I use streaming services and enjoy the ease and convenience, and that they put my music out there for more people to discover. The unfortunate thing about streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music is they pay artists around $.001 cent per stream, so it takes over 250 streams to make back $1 after taxes and service fees. Therefore, downloading one $1 track one time gives me more money than streaming 250 times would.

WHERE CAN I SEE YOU AGAIN? Check out my events page for more information on upcoming shows and classes! I perform every couple of months in the Kansas City area, and teach a 4 week virtual songwriting class quarterly. I am available to play private house shows and parties.

DO YOU HAVE MERCHANDISE OR PHYSICAL CDS TO PURCHASE? Why, yes! Of course! Visit my store page to buy t-shirts, stickers, buttons, albums and more!