The 24 Hour Album 2023

A live songwriting experiment with Danielle Ate the Sandwich February 25th-26th, 2023To view live streams and support Danielle, become a Patron at

This project challenges the artist to write, record, produce, and release a new album in just twenty four hours. Like many other facets of her musical career, Danielle has taken a concept and made it her own, turning the event into a live-streamed community songwriting experiment, fueled by her patrons and fans who suggest ideas via social media using the hashtag, #DATS247, and chat live with the artist during her time in the studio. Fans from around the world tune in to participate, encourage, and even send in vocal tracks to be featured on the album. For Danielle, the goal of the 24 Hour Album Project is to dedicate time to her craft, and challenge the usual creative process by imposing a different set of constraints, all while connecting to her fans through a behind the scenes look into her creativity and the process of songwriting. To become a patron of DATS, visit: