Hooray! A new album from Danielle Ate the Sandwich!

Danielle Ate the Sandwich ‘Live in San Francisco’ releases May 3rd, and is a new, full length album of an entire Danielle Ate the Sandwich concert, included songs and stories, recorded LIVE at a KC Turner Presents House Show in San Francisco, California!

This is a fun way to experience a live show if you’ve never had the chance to see a DATS concert. It’s also a great way to relive the experience of me rambling for several minutes between each of my songs if you have been to one of my live shows. I’ve always wanted to do a live album and I was excited to do it at a KC Turner House Show. KC has always supported my music and put on countless shows for me and other musicians in the Bay Area. Check out his amazing concert series, here: wwwkcturnerpresents.com

I also got to work with the very talented and calm, recording engineer, Damien Rasmussen to record and mix this album. He and I first met when he did sound for a show of mine at Doc’s Lab in San Francisco. He’s the real deal and was very nice to work with.

The amazing album artwork for Danielle Ate the Sandwich Live in San Francisco was illustrated by Tori Sharp. You can check out more of her work here: www.noveltori.com

Preorder is available April 22nd and the official release is May 3rd, 2019! Order your copy today. It’s available on (hopefully) every place you download, stream and buy your music! Thanks for supporting mine!